Description: U:\2015\teaching\Fall\1809\web\Image1.gifDescription: U:\2015\teaching\Fall\1809\web\blank.gifACS-1809-001 Website Design and Development

         Course outline


         Course notes

         Chapter 1 Introduction

         Chapter 2 Planning a Website

         Chapter 3 Document Setup (sample code)

         Chapter 4 Cascading Style Sheet (sample code)

         Chapter 5 Working with Text (sample code)

         Chapter 6 Color in WWW

         Chapter 7 Working with Links



         Assignment #1

  Report Template

         Assignment #2

  Table 4-1




         Term Marks



         The midterm test will be held in our regular classroom 3D01 (NOT in any other room) from 8:30 to 9:45am on Thursday Oct. 18.

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