ACS-3913-001 Software Design and Architecture

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Ron McFadyen, 3D21


Jan 6

Course Outline

Jan 8

Strategy design pattern

Assignment 1

Class/object diagrams

Sequence diagrams

Jan 13

Decorator design pattern

Jan 15/20

Composite design pattern

Head First source code

first test (2019)

Singleton design pattern

Shapes example

Jan 22/27/29

Command design pattern

Assignment 2

In-class: sample test/question 3

Assignment 1 Sample Answer


Sample Appendix

Sample Command question

         Ignore lines (statements 2 & 5) with new Undo() doesnt make sense

Sample Decorator/Composite question


RE : Assignment 2

Remote Loader for testing purposes

Expected output from the above loader

Feb 10/12

Statechart diagrams and state pattern


       Design pattern

       Example (ceiling fan)

       Example (use case)

       Sample questions

TESTS returned see secretary if you were not present

Feb 24/26

Assignment 2 marked

Concerns? see instructor

Interpreter design pattern (not in text)
Query tree example

Source code

Wikipedia example



Assignment 3 due Mar 6


Principle of Least Knowledge

Article: The paperboy, the wallet

Mar 2

20xx exam

see 1(a e f), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Time permitting: Observer pattern

Mar 9

Observer pattern

Mar 11

Return tests

Not present see ACS secretary for test

Average: 29.4/40

Median: 30.5/40

1 student 40/40

Assignment 4

        Page 2 has sample statechart diagram for assignment3.

Sample solution Assignment 2 (uses Cloneable)


Mar 16++

Visitor design pattern

Term marks to March 16

Mar 18

No office hours

New slides for Visitor design pattern

        Discusses application of Visitor to the Menu example from text

       Sample code

Mar 23

Possible Letter Grade




Example 2 for Visitor design pattern


Mar 27

Sample solution Assignment 4

Class diagram